Desigen: A Pipeline for Controllable Design Template Generation

CVPR 2024

1South China University of Technology, 2Microsoft, 3Central South University

Design templates generated by Desigen with in-the-wild prompts and layout specification.


Templates serve as a good starting point to implement a design (e.g., banner, slide) but it takes great effort from designers to manually create. In this paper, we present Desigen, an automatic template creation pipeline which generates background images as well as harmonious layout elements over the background. Different from natural images, a background image should preserve enough non-salient space for the overlaying layout elements. To equip existing advanced diffusion-based models with stronger spatial control, we propose two simple but effective techniques to constrain the saliency distribution and reduce the attention weight in desired regions during the background generation process. Then conditioned on the background, we synthesize the layout with a Transformer-based autoregressive generator. To achieve a more harmonious composition, we propose an iterative inference strategy to adjust the synthesized background and layout in multiple rounds. We constructed a design dataset with more than 40k advertisement banners to verify our approach. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed pipeline generates high-quality templates comparable to human designers. More than a single-page design, we further show an application of presentation generation that outputs a set of theme-consistent slides.


Overview of Desigen. (a) background generator synthesizes background images from text descriptions; (b) layout generator creates layouts conditioned on the given backgrounds. By attention reduction, the synthesized backgrounds can be further refined based on input/layout masks for a more harmonious composition.


Background Synthesis

Layout Synthesis

Presentation Synthesis


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